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jeanJean Wakely, Jewell’s eldest daughter, acts as Chair of the Project. In April of 2011, she wrote the following:

My final words about Mom...

Before she passed, mom was into maps and compasses. If you knew Jewell, once she hit on an idea it put a passion in her heart.

It started when the new coat of bright pink bubble gum paint went down on her front yard picnic table, benches, chair swing, and large planter pots. She saw that the table top resembled the state of Montana – a big long rectangle. She began to draw the outline of the state in black marker from bottom to top and corner to corner. She took a fruit jar lid and roughly traced circles where she thought she remembered the major cities she knew were on the map and painted in the city's name. Not an easy feat for a “blind” woman!

This table map immediately started attracting people to her front door. Children squealed with delight as they pointed out where they lived, where their grandma lived, where they moved to or moved from. Big kids (adults) lingered, their finger tracing their journey from town to town, sharing their tale of celebration or sorrow. And Jewell would listen, or cry, or laugh with delight to hear every story dropped at her table. It was a feasting table of human life and living.

She slowly developed an idea. She thought, what if every family could have their own map on their own picnic table? A map that could transport the mundane hot dog and potato chip dinner into a world of conversation, future adventure, family history, or remembrance of journeys past. And wouldn't it be interesting if the whole family began
to really learn their Montana Geography! Right at the table! Together! It was a seed of an idea.

She immediately shared her idea with everyone who came by. She began to visualize the map as a table cloth, weather and wind-proof (after all this is Montana!). Then she could share the Montana that she loved so much with hundreds of families, at the dining room table, at the picnic table, in the back yard, in the park. Montana - her great love for this state was busting out of her. She just had to put God's Montana “on the map”!

As I walk around her now quiet home on 5th Avenue, I see little compasses littered all over. They beckon you to take notice of N, S, E, and W. These compasses were a tiny little circle of plastic with a needle that helps you find your true North. Jewell was being driven, or guided, to her “True North”. She had no clue her heart was beating harder and harder. She had no idea that she was designing her own map. She was being led to find her way Home. This map was more than an exercise in geography, roads and towns.

She was literally being led – as she has always been led – by the hand of God to find her way Home.

As her finger traced over the towns, cities, parks, mountains and rivers of her beloved state, she too was seeing where she had been, the people she had met, the friendships forged, as well as the destinations she had missed. She was filled with a flood of memories of all she had seen and accomplished. Unknown to her, her compass was indeed pointed to her true and final destination.

This is the mystery of the Hand of God. A seed of an idea is planted into your heart.

And when that seed is put into fertile soil – like Jewell, like you – and when watered with the word of God, you cannot help but feel the excitement of Hope for a new tomorrow.
Jewell knew that everyone who rested under her tree in her front yard had seeds of Hope, Love and Inspiration already planted in them. All that was left was the one small step of Faith. The rest was up to God. It was never about her. She never once thought “this will make me pretty smart, or make me great”. She always thought “this will make someone happy! How can it not bring someone joy as much as it has brought me.”

On Saturday, July 9, 2011, as Jewell was raking up the leaves of the winter's past, she speculated at the joy of spring eternal and the true miracle of her little garden. That was when God knew she had found her compass reading. He snatched her up, unawares, from her home in exciting Cut Bank, Montana on 5th  Avenue, and He showed her the map of the Heavenly Universe. Perhaps He too had a pink bubble gum picnic table that needed a spark for storytelling. A spot where anyone could rest for a time, trace their finger across the Universe, and tell their story of love, sorrow, joy and pain. What truly amazing stories she is listening to right now! “Did you hear the story about the cowboy and the hundred dollar bill..?” and she'll lean in to tell her favorite story. And I know for sure she'll miss the final punch line – again, but laugh with the telling of it all. But,

That's Jewell!

What Jewell is really telling is to learn from each other, laugh til you cry, pray til your knees hurt, and hold each other in your arms or in your heart and never let them go.

Now it is our turn to listen to someone tell their story. It will truly transform your heart.

Thank you Mom.

You tell a good story.

All my love, Jean

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Paul and Barbara Krause - Storytellers and Multi-Media Producers

paul krausebarbara krausePaul and Barbara Krause are the project’s storytellers, multi-media experts and web designers.

Paul owns and operates two businesses – Paul Krause Creative and Dancing Sun Multimedia.

Barbara owns and operates Making Words Work.

PK Creative
helps non-profit organizations conduct capital campaigns while Dancing Sun produces documentary films, promotional videos, websites, motion graphics and related activities.

Making Words Work helps authors tell their fiction and non-fiction stories.

The Krauses are very excited to be a part of the Jewell Wolk Story Quilt Project.