Our Kids

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INSANITY IS INHERITED – YOU GET IT FROM YOUR KIDS.  I cross-stitched that and framed it for my parents one Christmas.  My Dad nailed it to the front door of our house and it stayed there for years – until the last kid finally moved out.  Seven kids is plenty in a small post-WWII house built by my father for what he had envisioned as a family of 4.  Jewell would boast that she had 3 home-made kids and 4 tailor-made kids…that is, after having three of her own children, she and dad adopted four more.  Tears of joy, tears of sorrow and tears of laughter wrapped up in God’s unconditional love, Jewell brags on her kids in this quilt. 

I hope you brag on your own as well.  This is a personal look into the life of Jewell Wolk’s family in an intimate setting around the dining room table (so to speak).  Is the coffee on? 

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