The Documentary Film by Paul Krause

In September of 2012, Paul Krause will film the creation of Jewell Wolk's tenth and final story quilt. Before her death, Jewell organized a group of quilters to create a series of vignettes to her specifications. These elements are now completed and will be sewn by the quilters at a gathering in Cut Bank, Montana in mid-September, 2012.

Paul will be present to document the stitching and to interview the participants. He will then combine this material with other film, graphics and sounds to create the final story quilt documentary. With support from the quilt community, he hopes to complete the documentary by the fall of 2013.

Paul has produced three major documentaries over the past five years including In Full Circle: The Japanese Garden as a Work of Art in Progress; Harvest: A Community's History Captured in Bronze; and the soon to be released, Genesis: the Art of Creation featuring the artistry of Frederick Somers.

For more information about his films and other productions visit his website:

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