"Kids Say the Darndest Things" Quilt

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Jewell was losing her eyesight, her love of reading, and her love of quilting in her 70’s.  But she didn’t want to stop.  She had so much more to quilt.  She placed an ad in the local Cut Bank paper asking for folks to contribute a story to her about an animal that was special, or did something special in their lives.  She had one person take her up on the challenge.  One story for her did not a quilt make.  So she pressed her friends for stories of their childhood – something that stood out for them.  After receiving some 20 or so stories, she employed more friends who knew how to sew – or tried to learn how to sew – and began a collaboration with Mrs. Tuma, a ranch wife and artist, in creating the patterns to go with the stories.

If the stories made her laugh they ‘got in’ on the quilt.  This is a memoir of her dear friends in Cut Bank, whom she loved and cherished dearly.

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Registered with the Montana History Museum, Helena, MT