The Project

The purpose of the Jewell Wolk Story Quilt Project is to share the work of this extraordinary artist with the world.

From 1980 to her death in 2011, Jewell created nine story quilts and planned a tenth. For many of the quilts she spent years researching the stories. This included interviews with dozens of people who lived the stories shown on the quilts and research in libraries, museums and related information sources.

Once she’d completed her research, she drew the scenes and then subdivided them into small segments. This allowed her to position things like arms, legs and heads in active poses. She also created a new appliqué process which she called “appli-j” This sewing process results in a black border around all of the individual segments. In this way, each stands out from its border elements and creates a visual excitement that is not found in the standard approach.

In her will, Jewell made it clear that the quilts remain together and find a worthy home. To that end we are searching for a suitable home for the quilts. Whoever receives them must agree to care for and show them to an appreciative public.

Until that home is found, we will try to show them to as many people as we can. This will be accomplished through gallery shows, presentations to quilters, the creation of a documentary film and this website.

Eventually, many people will come to know Jewell as the amazing artist and person she was.


A website containing a complete documentation of the Jewell Wolk story, quilts, the quilts stories,
video and audio accompaniment to the quilts. The website will continue to be updated on current
programs where the quilts will be shown and/or stories told. Contact information and a response to

A documentary film about Jewell Wolk through VHS film, interviews, video tape recordings,
remembrances by family and friends, produced by Paul Krause at Dancing Sun Multimedia in
Northfield, MN

Appraising the collection of quilts at the Quilt Museum in Lincoln, Neb, showing and telling the quilts,
and discussing recommended gallery and museum showings around the United States.

Accepting invitations to display and tell the quilt-stories, their history and significance, around the
United States.

Registering the entire quilt collection with the Natural History Museum in Helena, Montana

Continuing to collect stories as audience participants are engaged in the remembrances from the quilts'

Compiling a finished color photographed book on Jewell's collection, complete with stories,
pattern designs explained, and copyright information to her Appli-J stitch.

The complete story of Jewell's life as daughter, wife, mother and Founder of the Montana Storytelling Conference, in Cut Bank, Montana.

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