Women of the Plains

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     *First Place at the J.K. Ralston Museum Quilt Show, Sidney, MT, cir 1980

     *First Prize Quilts: 50 Award-Winning Designs by American's Favorite Quilt Makers, by Dimetra Makis,        1984, Simon and Schuster

     *Girlfriends Magazine, Spring 2014

One of Jewell's most celebrated and published quilts, was designed in honor of her three adopted daughters, Marion, Luella and Nancy BearWalker of Browning, MT. This is their heritage of the nomadic Blackfeet tribe who lived on the northern plains of Montana at the base of Glacier National Park. "What did these women use for diapers?" Well, I would be most happy to tell you.

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Page from the Book - Fifty Award Winning Quilts published by Simon and Schuster.